WPF Camera flight over Pikes Peak terrain model

In this experiment the WPF camera flight control is used in a terrain of the Pikes Peak Colorado area. This is similar to the previous Broadmoor Flyby but uses a larger terrain model. The YouTube video below is a screen recording using the iCord screen capture project from sourceforge.net. This screen capture was done from a low end tier0 XP PC, which would be a worst case system.

Fig 1 – Flying WPF Camera – Pikes Peak


The terrain model in this example is about 20Mb. The WPF GeometryModel3D TIN was constructed from USGS 30m DEM data. In this larger terrain the flight timer interval was set to 500ms. Z-fighting occurs again when using the camera gimbal control. However, in this model the camera can descend into the mountain without a rendering problem. This was not the case in the previous Broadmoor model. Feedback from several viewers confirms that this rendering breakup occurs on a variety of hardware configurations including a tier 3 Vista setup.

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